Scratch Removal

Scratch removal and repair at Flawless finishes in Navarre, FL.
Paint and dent repair at Flawless finishes
Scratch removal through buffing at Flawless finishes

We know the frustration you feel when you see a scratch on your car. And most people just try to ignore it without knowing it can cause a big impact on its color and value. 


Flawless Finishes offers a wide range of Scratch Removal and Dent repair. When you have a scratched car, due to this imperfection of the paint, the impact of a scratch goes beyond simply changing the individual image of a car. Deep scratches often lead to oxidation of the metal because it is exposed to moisture and air.

We will help you get back the highest value of your car by professionally removing scratches and it's dent.

Our team will respond to your needs Monday to Sunday from 9am to 8pm. 

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