Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating services at Flawless finishes

Ceramic Coating include first two maintenance washes at 1/2 price and

Free topcoat for Life of the coating with any wash service.

(Maintenance Wash AKA, ’’Cars & Coffee’’) 

Our ceramic coating services include using more sealants than carnauba wax, decontamination. Your vehicle can have that just waxed, clean & deep glow every day with minimal effort. East to maintain, Super hydrophobic coat that binds to your paint. More flexible than clear coat so won't crack or chip protects from minor dings and scratches.


Please call us for more information on all the coatings we offer, from 1 to 3 years to a lifetime of protection!

Ceramic Coating Packages

($125 is added to all prices for trucks and large SUVs)



Exterior surfaces washing including rims tires, & wells + complete decontamination & clay of paint surfaces. Followed by 1stage paint condition ( removing 50%-70% defects) gloss & shine enhancement. 

I. Ceramic Application 1 layer Kenzo base +1 layer Kenzo top coat. Up to 6 years protection & warranty from Manufacturer  - $1300

II. 2 Stage Paint Correction removes 70%-85% defects, enhances shine & gloss depth by 30%  - $1550

III. 3 Stage Paint Correction includes 2 stage paint correction + Jeweling removes 80%-90% defects enhancing shine and gloss by 50%  - $1700


I. 1 Stage Paint Correction + 1 layer Diamond Ceramic up to 8+ years Protection & manufacturer warranty/lifetime warranty on paint 2 years or newer. - $1300

II. 1 level paint enhancement 1 level condition - $1500

III. 3 Stage Paint Correction includes 1 Level Paint Condition, 1 Level Enhancement, and 1 Level Jeweling. - $1700


I. 1 Stage Paint Condition, 1 layer Crystal Ceramic, up to 3yrs protection, 1 year warranty provided by the installer -  $800

II. 2 Stage Paint Correction includes 1 level condition and 1 level enhancement. - $959

III. Stage 3 Correction - $1000

*All prices include Interior detailing, conditioning of leather, polish, and ceramic protection of rim faces.


I. System-X Revive

Level 1 Paint Condition + Year Ceramic Protection - $500



Level 1 Paint Condition + 6-9months Protection - $400


I. Level 1 Paint Condition + up to 1-year sealant - $350


I. Glassparency window coating protection 110°angle reducing glares from Sun & street lights at night, creating a non-stick barrier for pollen, snow, ice, rain, dust, etc… 

$120 Front Windshield

$250 360° windows +sunroof 

II. Door James include polish and ceramic protection



IV. Interior detail includes Vacuum and cleaning of interior surfaces, spot removal on upholstery, uv protection with satin shine finishing, & windows +odor neutralizing. 

$100 starting price 

V. Interior surface ceramic protection preserves fabric and leather, leaves no residue and helps to maintain and easily remove dirt and spillage before being absorbed into materials 

$100 starting price 


VI. Clean and decontaminate followed by heavy compound to remove blemishes and oxidation, then polish to a shine 

$50 starting rim g price per rim depending on condition. 

II. Ceramic protection coating for tires, rims, and Rims faces. 

$50 starting price per rim 

If you have any questions about our work, please call us or fill out the contact form below. We look forward to helping you! 
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